Live trade fallout, or how not to be a big leaguer (7:00)

Live trade fallout, or how not to be a big leaguer (7:00). Who’s on this week’s Big Leagues Hot Stove, why is this week’s roster a bit different than last season’s (15:30). We go from Detroit and Chicago to Milwaukee and New York to New York Yankees to Philly to Cincinnati to Pittsburgh to Toronto to Detroit to Oakland (26:00), Baltimore and Boston to Cleveland and Detroit (35:15), Baltimore and New York to Cleveland and Boston (46:40), Oakland, Kansas City and Minnesota and Los Angeles (51:15). Segments include Hurt or Injured Zach Lowe’s Top 100 players of all time and PR 101 for the Ea룰렛gles, Locker Room Talk For the Yankees losing to the Ravens, Fantasy vs Cap Friendly and PR 101 for the Astros평택출장마사지 and Giants (1:05:30). Jimbos of the day plus the debut of “Big Mike” who is playing the lottery. A huge “Can a guy in a new NFL uniform be worse” edition. Free View in iTunes

25 Clean Jason La Canfora Jason La Canfora of ESPN and The Athletic joins us to preview the first week of the NFL season. We answer questions about this week’s top QBs (2:30), the impact of Aaron Rodgers on the Giants (11:30) and the Raiders, which have been the 2nd hardest hit by Hurricane S바카라 게임andy (26:30). We give you the top teams of our Power Rankings which includes the Cardinals, Panthers and Titans as well as the Cowboys, Packers, Giants, Ravens and Giants (52:00). The players mentioned in the first edition of our Top 100 NFL players of all time are now #91 to #25 according to, including the guys listed here (1:19:10). Finally we go off to Oakland and Boston to talk about the Seahawks, Lions and Steelers, all of whom had amazing games (1:33:50). Segments include Hurt or injured Bryce Petty, Kings stay Kings for Adam Schefter, Protect the Shield and bad sports play for Blake Bortles and Rob Gronkowski. Free View in iTunes

26 Clean Joe Banner Joe Banner joins us in studio on this edition of “Pardon The Interruption,” a week where we ask you questions. There are 5 topics of conversation and this week, Jason is #1 on our list with the NFL (2:00) and we talk about the New Orleans Saints (15:00), the Oakland Raiders (21

More than 50 killed in pakistan mosque blast

More than 50 killed in pakistan mosque blast

A pakistani Muslim man from Karachi has been killed in a terror attack inside a mosque in Karachi’s Shahgar area, officials said.

The police, who raided a house in Sialkot, in the north of the city, found dead five bodies lying in the courtyard of the mosque.

The dead were identified as Mohammad Shafiq of Karachi, the fa더킹카지노t바카라her-in-law of Shafiq Jaffar, who was identified as the attacker, an official told Dawn.

Police suspect the two were planning another attack. The death toll could rise as more information is made public, sources told the Dawn newspaper.

Local Taliban sources said the attack could have been carried out by Pakistani security forces who were working with the Americans to try to find the remaining militants of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

An Indian official in Karachi told reporters that at least 50 people had died in Saturday’s attack. Indian officials are investigating the incident.

Earlier in July, the US confirmed reports that the two militants killed in the raid this week had been CIA operatives and had been trained by Pakistani intelligence.

At least 24 Indians, including a senior Indian diplomat, and several foreigners were killgospelhitzed in a suspected terror attack on a Karachi hotel and private housing area in which the US had previously been involved.

Fears indonesian rabies epidemic could spread to Australia

Fears indonesian rabies epidemic could spread to Australia

The head of the National Council for the Disease Control and Prevention says he is worried about new rabies cases occurring in the nation’s south, with a suspected spike in cases in western Australia, if local outbreaks occur.

Fears of new infection in the state of Sumatra that started earlier this month are spreading across the region where some 4,800 cases of rabies have been reported since 2001.

A new national rabies vaccination programme is currently under review, but Mr Pijaya says he cannot discount the possibility of other cases beginning to occur.

“I hope some other cases happen but I would not be surprised if this particular case happens,” he said.

Health Minister Tanya Plibersek said the national rabies vaccine program had successfully treated more than 700 cases of rabies in the state since it was introduced in the mid-1980s.

“The recent cases we’ve identified are likely not isolated to this particular province,” she said.

Ms Plibersek said some of the suspected cases had been confirmed through autopsy because the bodies were not showing evidence of infection and other tests were negative for the disease.

But Ms Plibersek said there was no evidence rabies had spread within the region.

On Tuesday, a group of residents of a remote village near Cairns were evacuated from their homes because of an outbreak of the potentially fatal virus.

Mr Pijaya said the group was still being assessed, and his office had instructed local residents to be prepared for an increase in human cases of the disease.

But he cautioned the situation was complex.

“We have our work cut out and we have to바카라사이트 be mindfu더킹카지노l,” he said.

A vaccine for rabies is currently being developed, which is being considered as an option to treat rabies i우리카지노n other regions if other cases start happening.

This is the first time the rabies vaccine has been recommended for use in the world by the World Health Organization, but in 2012, experts in the field recommended it only as a last resort.

It has never been used in humans.