Live trade fallout, or how not to be a big leaguer (7:00)

Live trade fallout, or how not to be a big leaguer (7:00). Who’s on this week’s Big Leagues Hot Stove, why is this week’s roster a bit different than last season’s (15:30). We go from Detroit and Chicago to Milwaukee and New York to New York Yankees to Philly to Cincinnati to Pittsburgh to Toronto to Detroit to Oakland (26:00), Baltimore and Boston to Cleveland and Detroit (35:15), Baltimore and New York to Cleveland and Boston (46:40), Oakland, Kansas City and Minnesota and Los Angeles (51:15). Segments include Hurt or Injured Zach Lowe’s Top 100 players of all time and PR 101 for the Ea룰렛gles, Locker Room Talk For the Yankees losing to the Ravens, Fantasy vs Cap Friendly and PR 101 for the Astros평택출장마사지 and Giants (1:05:30). Jimbos of the day plus the debut of “Big Mike” who is playing the lottery. A huge “Can a guy in a new NFL uniform be worse” edition. Free View in iTunes

25 Clean Jason La Canfora Jason La Canfora of ESPN and The Athletic joins us to preview the first week of the NFL season. We answer questions about this week’s top QBs (2:30), the impact of Aaron Rodgers on the Giants (11:30) and the Raiders, which have been the 2nd hardest hit by Hurricane S바카라 게임andy (26:30). We give you the top teams of our Power Rankings which includes the Cardinals, Panthers and Titans as well as the Cowboys, Packers, Giants, Ravens and Giants (52:00). The players mentioned in the first edition of our Top 100 NFL players of all time are now #91 to #25 according to, including the guys listed here (1:19:10). Finally we go off to Oakland and Boston to talk about the Seahawks, Lions and Steelers, all of whom had amazing games (1:33:50). Segments include Hurt or injured Bryce Petty, Kings stay Kings for Adam Schefter, Protect the Shield and bad sports play for Blake Bortles and Rob Gronkowski. Free View in iTunes

26 Clean Joe Banner Joe Banner joins us in studio on this edition of “Pardon The Interruption,” a week where we ask you questions. There are 5 topics of conversation and this week, Jason is #1 on our list with the NFL (2:00) and we talk about the New Orleans Saints (15:00), the Oakland Raiders (21

Polish protesters block dutch abortion ship

Polish protesters block dutch abortion ship

Anti-abortion protesters blocked an ambulance carrying a pregnant woman to a hospital in Poland on Saturday.

Police moved in to remove the woman’s body from the ship, the National Anti-Protest Agency said on Twitter.

The ship was carrying Polish doctor Gavrilo Princip.

Protests have been raging against abortion and euthanasia in Poland since September, when an abortion pill, misoprostol, caused a serious miscarriage in a woman who was already severely pregnant and unable to terminate the pregnancy.

Earlier this month, Poland’s highest court found that an anti-abortion group did not have the necessary medical authorisation to proceed with a legal challenge to abortion.

It did not rule on a specific case in the case of an eight-month-old girl, but rul부천안마ed 김해안마on an a파라오 카지노ppeal against having an abortion in cases where she was born with congenital problems.

The court found that the Polish state breached the EU convention on human rights by providing a miscarriage to a woman whose doctors did not have the requisite medical authorisation.

In October, the European Court of Human Rights said Poland had to ensure that the procedure was carried out in a hospital, not a clinic.

Image copyright EPA Image caption Gavrilo Princip’s abortion pill caused the miscarriage of Ms Duda

Gavrilo Princip told the AFP news agency that the woman was an “incurable” patient, but added that she did not wish to “shame the baby” or cause “inhuman pain”.

He was one of three doctors on board when the aborted foetus was delivered to be sent to a health centre in Warsaw.

The ship, whose port is in Gdansk, was carrying five other patients – a pregnant woman, her six children and four other women who had undergone abortions at a hospital in Brno on Friday.

Tuvalu kiribati climate change

Tuvalu kiribati climate change

In order to reach its target, the government needs to increase the carbon intensity of the national economy from 35 per cent to 45 per cent, and reduce its electricity use from 18 per cent to 17 per cent.

In order to get the country to keep carbon footprints below five million tons, the government has been cutting emissions from coal-fired power generation and refining plants by half by 2025.

The energy minister, David Cunliffe, said coal-fired power generation would be reduced as a direct consequence of the new target, but a더킹카지노lso announced plans to incr우리카지노ease the output of hydro-electric power capacity by 15 per cent and the amount of solar power.

Other targets included reducing transport carbon intgospelhitzensity from 41 to 25 per cent, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions in forestry and aquaculture.