Us blamed for nuclear treaty delay

Us blamed for nuclear treaty delay

The US and Russia signed a historic treaty that will boost their nuclear arsenals in order to deter any potential enemy attacks, after years of stalling on a plan to phase out the Cold War-era weapons.

The nuclear pact comes two years after the US and Russia struck their first, long-distance strategic nuclear strike against the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria an우리카지노바카라d Iraq, in retaliation for a month-long US-led coalition bombing campaign.

As part of the pact, the US and Russia agreed to start a phased withdrawal of their strategic nuclear forces from Eastern Europe in three to 10 years’ time, with Russian forces not allowed into Russia’s borders.

Moscow has criticised the US and its더킹카지노 European allies for their long-standing reluctance to remove Russian forces from Eastern Europe, which includes all three Baltic republics.

But US and Russian officials met in Washington to discuss the signing on Wednesday.