Bendigo council lags in satisfaction rating after council launches audit

Bendigo council lags in satisfaction rating after council launches audit


A Bendigo council is lagging behind on satisfaction ratings of major business bodies after it launched an audit.

The city’s chief financial officer’s review has identified the department failed to conduct due diligence, the council said.

The audit also found the budget was “undervalued” by $13 million.

Bendigo Deputy Mayor Mike Johnson has asked the Independent Commission Against Corruption to launch an investigation into the situation.

“It’s our hope that this will be enough to cause the matter to move on, and we’ll be keeping everyone up to date on that and we’ll continue to work with council as well as all other agencies who are 광주안마monitoring it,” he said.

“These reviews will be conducted by independent bodies like ours 카지노 게임but they’ll report back and will make recommendations of what might need to change.”

Mayor Steve Wright is hopeful that by now his party will be a significant party in the state parliament.

“We’re in talks right now with several, if not all, of the major organisations in Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia – we’ll take a look at the report,” he said.

“We’re hopeful the report that’s going to be released will make a significant difference to our legislative position or whatever we might want to do.

“They have a responsibility and we understand that and so what they’ve done has taken out an audit of the city of Bendigo that they’v코인 카지노e obviously very much wanted to.

“But we’re doing what we can to hold them to account and that’s what I don’t want to do as mayor, that’s what the other members of our parliament will do as well.”

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Swim ban’

Swim ban’

A new court challenge seeks to prohibit local councils in Britain from imposing swim bans because they contravene EU legislation.

In the landmark case, the High Court heard how a swim ban in the north-east of England effectively shut down London’s Channel Tunnel for a month, banning thousands of people from entering the city – while the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) had been forced to rule on the legality of the same law at another European country.

A decision of the European Court of Human Rights is expected within 우리카지노a week.

EU officials said last month that they were determined to “defend the principles of the European Convention in all its aspects”.

In 우리카지노the lead up to the EU referendum in 2014, a petition signed by 10 million Britons called for a ban on all forms of non-EU entry into the UK.

It said: “Since 1999 there have been around 30 incidents of anti-EU terror.

“These have included attacks on public space, violent incidents in transport facilities, public places of worship, hotels, shops and bus services, bus shelters and shopping centres, airports, railway stations and train stations and on trains in major towns and cities across England, W카지노 사이트ales and Scotland.”

Antarctic ice sheet melting fast scientists say

Antarctic ice sheet melting fast scientists say. The rapid melt rates of the polar ice sheet – as predicted by glaciologist Greg Laden in his 1994 paper – could be linked to a dramatic rise in sea level in the next 50 years as a result of warming temperatures in the polar regions.

He noted that the polar ice sheet, which accounts for nearly h바카라alf of the global sea level rise, would absorb up to 1 billion tons of extra freshwater per day over 20 years if the melt rate were not stopped.

“The melting of the ice sheet, including Antarctica, is not expected to be gradual. It will happen very fast and will add considerable amounts of water to the sea. By 2035, almost all of the ice on the globe’s ice shelf will be ice cap,” he said.

If that didn’t happen, it means melting ice will be rapid enough to cause flooding in urban areas and potentially cause flooding in many areas of Europe, he said.

Scientists predict that if the current rate of melting continues, as a global average of about 2.5-2.7 millimeters per year is expected by 2100, sea levels will rise about 6 feet to 13 feet above their current level by the end of this century.

And this isn’t just a problem in the Arctic region.

The ice sheet at sea level in the Antarctic and Greenland has only just started melting away, and the rapid melting is changing the dynamics of the earth’s weather, the researchers added.

Sea level has also risen rapidly in North America and the Western Pacific because of warmer ocean temperatures there than expected in the past.

“In a sea level rise scenario where atmospheric carbon dioxide was a given (the Earth’s atmosphere in that scenario), this is likely to have a profound effect,” Laden said. “It would also have a positive effect on future sea levels in South America and the eastern Mediterranean.”

He said it’s not impossible that ice sheets in the Arctic and Antarctic could melt much faster in the coming decades because카지노 사이트 the same conditions will continue to produce similar increases in sea level.

Laden said scientists don’t yet know how long this particular phenomenon will last, but there’s not much time left before the sea level rise could lead to a global disaster.

But what if the melting of the ice sheets is stopped? What if the melting was stopped completely?

That would change the climate entirely, he said.

“By taking some measure to address glo바카라사이트bal warming, the effects on the climate system are not expected t

Bad weather hampers search for teen found trapped in vehicle

Bad weather hampers search for teen found trapped in vehicle

Authorities found one person who was trapped in a Ford T우리카지노aurus on the side of the road with the engine running, officials said.

Police found the 15-year-old boy about two hours after they found him. He was walking around the side of the road when he b카지노 사이트ecame trapped.

“I’m so grateful people did not get hurt, and I just wanted to say thank you,” Scott said.

The other man in t우리카지노he car with the boy was also not hurt, but the child will need more surgery.

There are no reports of injuries or missing people.