Gambler sues casino for 20m

Gambler sues casino for 20m

A gambler who was injured after collapsing into a casino room after drinking a champagne bottle filled with vodka has been ordered to pay the casino 20 million euros ($25 million).

Euardos Vossy went into an elevator at a casino in the town of Bonaire in northern France after having consumed a shot of vodka at a nearby bar, French television reported on Monday.

The 21-year-old victim collapsed onto the toilet in the room below, but the doctor who attended to him managed to save him.

When police checked Vossy’s hotel room several days later, they found he was still suffering from the damage from his fall.

The gambler was then charged with “unlawful violence” – for which the hotel w세종출장마사지as ordered to pay 40,000 euros.

Prosecutors appealed against the rul시흥안마나비야ing to a Paris appeals court last week but the court decided to put the case on hold.

France’s judicial council, which had refused to take into account Vossy’s injuries, had recommended a fine of 150,000 euros or eight years in prison.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption The casino’s owner admits that the hotel was unruly and did not offer adequate emergency services to the injured man

Vossy had been at the Séances in Mont-Brieux and had returned in the early hours of Saturday when he collapsed and hit his head on a sofa.

The injur피망 포커ies to his head were so bad that he could not speak.

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